Why I Run

Today as I was getting changed into my running clothes I found a nice little surprise that kept me pushing and helped me finish a 5K (3.2mi) in under 45min.


If you’re not quite sure what that is, it’s a plastic French fry, no doubt from A. It’s things like this that help me remember why I’m trying to be a better me. My kids push me to better and to love myself more. I want to show them what it means to be a strong and happy and I can’t do that from the couch.

I urge you all to “find the French fry in your shoe” that pushes you and helps you to become the person you want to be.


Uh…I Need Help

These word were spoken by my dad earlier today. I walk into the living room to see him holding D like he’s contagious. As he turns him around I notice there is poo from his arm pit to his knee.

I quickly run into our room, begin the bath, and carefully take off the inside that’s still on D. It spreads as I remove his clothes. At this point it’s just easier to put him in the stream of water coming the faucet. As I begin to clean the little man he has the biggest smile and does not mind receiving the full attention of Z, my dad, and me. Once clean, he gets a full washing and enjoys splashing and kicking.

Having kids is always an adventure, the poo from head to toe is not one I enjoy, but it’s one of the most exciting.


A Weekend in My Life

Each weekend we try to do something together as a family. We usually take off on Friday after work or first thing Saturday morning. We have don’t have a Sunday commitment at church we sometimes stay out the entire weekend.

Z and I attended a Mixed Dining In with the Canadians Z flys with. Dining Ins are a military tradition that are always fun. There are set rules and if not followed, you usually are expected to do something slightly embarrassing. We chose to follow the rules. The location was on the 50th floor of the Devon Energy Tower and we were able to enjoy a lovely sunset.


Saturday morning we attended a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese for one of M’s friends. It brought back memories of my sister’s 6th birthday at the same place. Organized chaos is the best way to explain it. M cared more about the games than celebrating with her friends.

From there we took off for a Rattle snake festival. Z and A held a live rattle snake while M, D, and I walked around the booths and found gifts for those on our Secret Santa list. With there being so many brothers and now sisters on Z’s side Secret Santa helps us all save a little money. We also do Secret Santa on my side. Drawnames.com is an awesome site if you want to have someone else draw the names for you.

Picking up Pappy was the final stop for this weekend. My dad will be here for a week to help out as A gets surgery and Z preps to leave for a month.

There are sure to be fun times as we enjoy my dad and my mom, who comes in Thursday.

Until some more free time comes along…



This month is month of the military child. A month to honor the kids who sacrifice so much.

After Z has been gone, if only for a couple hours I love seeing the kids welcome him home.

He’s been away for 3 days this time. When A saw him she ran, skipped, hopped across the parking lot and then jumped onto her arms while screening Dada the whole way.

Being in the military is tough and it’s no easier on the kids. People say they know nothing different, it’s their normal, they’re resilient. It’s still hard on them. Seeing the reaction upon reunion makes is feel better.


The Davies Train

Each day is a new adventure, especially when Z is out of town.

Have you ever been at an aquarium or zoo as a large school group walks by? Each child is holding fast to a rope with the teacher as the lead. Now that you have that image, realize that situation is perfectly organized and calm compared to the one I am about to explain.

All three kiddos are in daycare on the base we’re stationed at. I have a very set pick up schedule in order to make it as quick and painless as possible (not only for me, but for the other parents I have to share the hallway with). On a good day I pick up D, pick up M, and pick up A. I carry D in one arm, M holds my hand and A’s hand, A carry’s D’s bookbag that serves as his bottle bag. We all walk to the truck; M and A wait patiently as I load D. We walk around to the other side, load A and then M and we go home.

You can now imagine what the daycare refers to as the Davies train. Well for the past two days I have needed help. Both days A, surprise surprise, breaks from the procession and runs off to the back of the daycare. I leave M up front reading a book, secure D a little better and begin the chase. Foe the past two days caregivers have helped catch A and load. Once we’ve reconnected everyone, we know have to get to the truck without losing anyone in the parking lot. These past two days have been OK since I’ve had help, but there have been a few times when the girls take off across the road for the playground.

Needless to say, it’s an exciting pick up when Z’s not around. I wish I could read the thoughts of the daycare workers.


A Journey to Fit

Welcome Back! If you’ve come back to check for another post, thank you. If this is your first time, I highly recommend reading my first post, I may make a little more sense.

Before I begin, I love that WordPress has a delay option. I can write a post and set it to be released at a later date. This is great for me as I’m often inspired in spurts and not continuously. I also seem to have time to write in spurts, not continuously…surprise surprise.

Anyway…A Journey to Fit

This is going to be a hard post for me. I’m putting out there how unfit I currently am. My hope is that by posting where I’m starting and where I’m going I will feel bound to the goal by you all. Being bound to myself hasn’t been enough in the past so hopefully you all can help me. I will also promise you all that this will not turn into a health and fitness blog, I’ll just keep you up to date with how I’m doing.

April 1st, the start of my journey. About 8yrs ago I was weighing in just under 130lbs and was wearing a size 4. Since then, I’ve had 3 kids and that hasn’t been too nice to me and I haven’t been too nice to myself. When I weighed in I was 173.6lbs. Yes…I have gained 43.6lbs and it doesn’t look good on me. I wear a size 10/12 depending on the fit. I have learned that it is not the number on the scale I should be chasing, but the inches, and more importantly how comfortable I am in my skin. It’s also important that the numbers don’t consume me. For that reason I will only step on a scale and measure myself on the first day of every month, that is also when I will catch you all up on my progress.

So April 1st: 173.6lbs, 38in waist, 43in booty, 14in arm, 26in thigh.

Goal: To feel healthy

Any tips or tricks or words of encouragement you all may have I welcome them.

Until the next spurt of time and inspiration…




A Day in the Life…Day 1

In order to understand and to truly enjoy a day in my life, you must understand me. I’ve tried blogging before, but as happens with most bloggers…life got in the way. Each time I would try to get back into blogging life would always get in the way again. So here I am, yet again, trying again. But this time is different. This time I will succeed. I love to write and I have made a promise to myself to give myself this time, as you will soon learn, to get away from everything else and just do me.

So who am I?  That’s a loaded question. I ask myself that question too many times to count. I’ll list my various titles, in no particular order, and maybe you, dear reader, can help me answer that question.

Mom – I have 3 amazing gifts. Each one is their own person and they all have huge personalities. To maintain a little privacy I’ll refer to them as M, A, and D. (This is the first time I have noticed my children’s first initials spell mad) M is 3 years old. She has gorgeous blue eyes and the greatest imagination. She also has a heart of gold and will be the child I have to load her lunch account, not give her money or she won’t use it for herself. A is a little over a year and a half. She has pretty blonde hair and a strong personality. She is an extremely smart little girl who is going to keep us busy. And then there is D. He’s 3 months old and loves to smile. His hair loves to imitate Alfalfa and loves to watch his sisters. So yes, we have 3 that are 3 and under.

Wife – My husband, Z for the purpose of the blog, is amazing. He has to be to put up with me 🙂 We’ve been married for almost 4 years and known each other for almost 7. He is a hard working man who was raised on a cattle ranch. He currently is a pilot in the Air Force and working on his Masters (this will come up in future posts).

Sister D – We are LDS, or Latter Day Saints, or the better known term…Mormon. We believe that Christ is our Savior, God is our Heavenly Father, and that we have the Holy Spirit with us as long as we are choosing the right. Church is 3hrs long each week (Sacrament meeting and 2hrs of Sunday School). The LDS Church is 100% volunteer run and I am currently over all 18mo-11yo children, 70 in total. I’m also over all of Cub Scouts and Achievement Days (girls equivalent of Cub Scouts, but not tied to Girl Scouts).

LT – I am also an Air Force in the officer. I’m a personnel officer. The easiest way to explain what I do is to say cradle to grave. I can be over the daycares on base to dispersing death benefits to families and everything in between. Currently, I help to set manning levels for the entire Air Force (this will change in a month).

Sis – I have an amazing little sister. She’s currently a sophomore in college, she’ll be Lil Sis in this blog. I also am lucky to have 2 great sister in laws. Z is the oldest of 6 boys so there will be 3 more coming in the future.

Daughter – Without my parents I would have none of the above. Mom and Dad are amazing. They support me no matter my decisions and are there when I need a pick me up. Both have pretty cool jobs, Dad travels a lot and Mom helps run a hospital.

Granddaughter – Without these 4 amazing people I wouldn’t have mom and dad. They are the definition of great grandparents…they love me when my parents don’t like me 🙂

So as you can see I have many hats, many names, many sides of me. Though it’s hard to answer the question who am I, I’m able to say I’m a person who loves my life and wouldn’t trade it for the world. So, let’s go and see how this goes.