A Day in the Life…Day 1

In order to understand and to truly enjoy a day in my life, you must understand me. I’ve tried blogging before, but as happens with most bloggers…life got in the way. Each time I would try to get back into blogging life would always get in the way again. So here I am, yet again, trying again. But this time is different. This time I will succeed. I love to write and I have made a promise to myself to give myself this time, as you will soon learn, to get away from everything else and just do me.

So who am I?  That’s a loaded question. I ask myself that question too many times to count. I’ll list my various titles, in no particular order, and maybe you, dear reader, can help me answer that question.

Mom – I have 3 amazing gifts. Each one is their own person and they all have huge personalities. To maintain a little privacy I’ll refer to them as M, A, and D. (This is the first time I have noticed my children’s first initials spell mad) M is 3 years old. She has gorgeous blue eyes and the greatest imagination. She also has a heart of gold and will be the child I have to load her lunch account, not give her money or she won’t use it for herself. A is a little over a year and a half. She has pretty blonde hair and a strong personality. She is an extremely smart little girl who is going to keep us busy. And then there is D. He’s 3 months old and loves to smile. His hair loves to imitate Alfalfa and loves to watch his sisters. So yes, we have 3 that are 3 and under.

Wife – My husband, Z for the purpose of the blog, is amazing. He has to be to put up with me 🙂 We’ve been married for almost 4 years and known each other for almost 7. He is a hard working man who was raised on a cattle ranch. He currently is a pilot in the Air Force and working on his Masters (this will come up in future posts).

Sister D – We are LDS, or Latter Day Saints, or the better known term…Mormon. We believe that Christ is our Savior, God is our Heavenly Father, and that we have the Holy Spirit with us as long as we are choosing the right. Church is 3hrs long each week (Sacrament meeting and 2hrs of Sunday School). The LDS Church is 100% volunteer run and I am currently over all 18mo-11yo children, 70 in total. I’m also over all of Cub Scouts and Achievement Days (girls equivalent of Cub Scouts, but not tied to Girl Scouts).

LT – I am also an Air Force in the officer. I’m a personnel officer. The easiest way to explain what I do is to say cradle to grave. I can be over the daycares on base to dispersing death benefits to families and everything in between. Currently, I help to set manning levels for the entire Air Force (this will change in a month).

Sis – I have an amazing little sister. She’s currently a sophomore in college, she’ll be Lil Sis in this blog. I also am lucky to have 2 great sister in laws. Z is the oldest of 6 boys so there will be 3 more coming in the future.

Daughter – Without my parents I would have none of the above. Mom and Dad are amazing. They support me no matter my decisions and are there when I need a pick me up. Both have pretty cool jobs, Dad travels a lot and Mom helps run a hospital.

Granddaughter – Without these 4 amazing people I wouldn’t have mom and dad. They are the definition of great grandparents…they love me when my parents don’t like me 🙂

So as you can see I have many hats, many names, many sides of me. Though it’s hard to answer the question who am I, I’m able to say I’m a person who loves my life and wouldn’t trade it for the world. So, let’s go and see how this goes.


2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life…Day 1

  1. A letter to my daughter, by the numbers…..

    My beautiful daughter… you are such an amazing woman…. I thought I would run some amazing numbers by you which highlight for me, your mom, all that you are….

    You worked for 3 years in high school, nearly 320 days, waiting on tables, making people happy, serving them and learning how the value of hard work

    You went to the AF academy, worked hard, struggled to make good grades, learned leadership, mentoring, and how to be an AF office so that you could support others, for 1438 days…..

    You have now given birth to 3 beautiful children, growing within you for 27 months, managing morning sickness, fatigue, sleepless nights, all the while surrounding them with love, safety and amazing support…..

    I am certain that you are on the path to now care for Sam, the beautiful mom and wife that you are, by eating well, sleeping when you can, enjoying being outside and feeling the sun on your face while enjoying the energy exercise such as walking and moving gives you.

    You are amazing and such a powerful woman…. seize you incredibleness…. Make yourself the mom, wife and woman YOU want to be.

    I love you…. you inspire me every day;)



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