The Davies Train

Each day is a new adventure, especially when Z is out of town.

Have you ever been at an aquarium or zoo as a large school group walks by? Each child is holding fast to a rope with the teacher as the lead. Now that you have that image, realize that situation is perfectly organized and calm compared to the one I am about to explain.

All three kiddos are in daycare on the base we’re stationed at. I have a very set pick up schedule in order to make it as quick and painless as possible (not only for me, but for the other parents I have to share the hallway with). On a good day I pick up D, pick up M, and pick up A. I carry D in one arm, M holds my hand and A’s hand, A carry’s D’s bookbag that serves as his bottle bag. We all walk to the truck; M and A wait patiently as I load D. We walk around to the other side, load A and then M and we go home.

You can now imagine what the daycare refers to as the Davies train. Well for the past two days I have needed help. Both days A, surprise surprise, breaks from the procession and runs off to the back of the daycare. I leave M up front reading a book, secure D a little better and begin the chase. Foe the past two days caregivers have helped catch A and load. Once we’ve reconnected everyone, we know have to get to the truck without losing anyone in the parking lot. These past two days have been OK since I’ve had help, but there have been a few times when the girls take off across the road for the playground.

Needless to say, it’s an exciting pick up when Z’s not around. I wish I could read the thoughts of the daycare workers.


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