A Weekend in My Life

Each weekend we try to do something together as a family. We usually take off on Friday after work or first thing Saturday morning. We have don’t have a Sunday commitment at church we sometimes stay out the entire weekend.

Z and I attended a Mixed Dining In with the Canadians Z flys with. Dining Ins are a military tradition that are always fun. There are set rules and if not followed, you usually are expected to do something slightly embarrassing. We chose to follow the rules. The location was on the 50th floor of the Devon Energy Tower and we were able to enjoy a lovely sunset.


Saturday morning we attended a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese for one of M’s friends. It brought back memories of my sister’s 6th birthday at the same place. Organized chaos is the best way to explain it. M cared more about the games than celebrating with her friends.

From there we took off for a Rattle snake festival. Z and A held a live rattle snake while M, D, and I walked around the booths and found gifts for those on our Secret Santa list. With there being so many brothers and now sisters on Z’s side Secret Santa helps us all save a little money. We also do Secret Santa on my side. Drawnames.com is an awesome site if you want to have someone else draw the names for you.

Picking up Pappy was the final stop for this weekend. My dad will be here for a week to help out as A gets surgery and Z preps to leave for a month.

There are sure to be fun times as we enjoy my dad and my mom, who comes in Thursday.

Until some more free time comes along…


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