Journey to Fit Update

Well, I haven’t done so great. I’ve eaten well, but haven’t worked out so well. There is improvement though. It’s amazing what eating healthy and drinking only water can do for your body. I know working out is important and it will help me get the definition I want, but eating right is half the battle. Here is what my refrigerator looked like last Monday morning. Due to the severe weather here last week I did not get a chance to go shopping until today, it will look like this before I go to bed tonight.


I struggle with the motivation to work out. Please, if you have any ideas, I welcome them. I started a new job today, and they have group PT twice per week so that should help, but I need to ensure I am using the time the AF allots me to workout as well. I have downloaded My Fitness Pal to track calories (I’m doing it loosely since I’m still nursing, but it does deter me from eating that cookie in the breakroom) and I downloaded a pedometer app so I can track my steps for the day and aim for those 10,000 steps.

So…this month’s results.

Weight: 169.6lbs

Waist: 37in

Booty: 43in

Arm: 13in

Thigh: 24in

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