Happy Mother’s Day

As I sit here in bed watching Mom’s Night Out (great movie that everyone mom should own and watch every now and then) I’m remembering all the great and all the…ok things about being a mom. As Z is hiking Denali in Alaska today, this is how I spent my morning.

The day when moms are supposed to sleep in and put their feet up, my three crazies wake up at 6am. I turn on a movie, give them some food and go back to bed. 90min later Mia crawls into my bed, gives me a big hug, and says I love you mommy. When I realize they’ve been unsupervised for over an hour I ask Mia what they’ve done while mommy slept. “Dax asleep, Ana wake and eating, Mia pooped in the potty, Shek all done.” Dax is asleep, with a pacifier in and a blanket covering him (not the way I left him). Ana is sitting on the couch eating from the box of lucky charms (only eating the marshmallows of course and I soon see the makeshift ladder built so they could reach them). Mia has no diaper on, pulls me into her bathroom and proudly shows me her poop in the toilet (and thankfully no pee anywhere else). Not a bad Mother’s Day morning learning my 3 year old is ready to start helping out more around the house.

Church was crazy as usual. By the end of the first hour (LDS church is 3hrs every Sunday) I had 5 people helping me control 3 kiddos. How am, one person, able to corral and entertain my kiddos all day every day except for that one hour at church each week when I’m trying to be uplifted and recharged.

The best part of today though, was getting a text first thing this morning inviting me over to a friend’s house for dinner. Her husband and kids are making everything. I get to go over, in sweats and no makeup and have some adult time and eat some tasty food (I was going to do a frozen meal tonight).

So to all of you who’ve been there, I applaud you. We as moms have a tough job and the only way to succeed and take one day at a time. Some times it comes down to one minute at a time.

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