I Believe in You

These four words are sometimes the hardest ones to hear, but we all need to hear them and internalize them.

I’m going to get deep with you. Pretty sure just family and close friends read this, but if someone I don’t know runs across this I hope it helps you too. I also want to let everyone know I love myself and my family, but sometimes life is tough. 

As most know I have 3 awesome kiddos and 1 on the way. My husband and I are both active duty military, super active on base outside of our jobs, and very active in church. We’re busy is the simple way to put it.

Being this busy doesn’t leave much Sam time. Z does a great job in helping out around the house, but he has the more demanding schedule. (We just planned out meals for this week and he will be home for 3/5 dinners) This means the chores fall on me on those 2/5 upcoming nights, so on those 2 nights there is no Sam time. The other 3, my Sam time is consumed with taking a shower and hopefully getting a 30 extra minutes of sleep. This is our life and we knew it would be when we talked about marrying another active duty member and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

Having little, well really no, me time takes its toll. We all need a little bit every day to recharge. Eventually when we go without me time for long enough we start running on fumes, breaking down, and eventually don’t run at all. I’m at the running on fumes part.

So how do you, how do I pull myself out? Remember what makes you happy. You can’t? Then redefine what makes you happy. Try out a new fitness class, read that book a friend gave you and you’ve never touched, get your thoughts out on paper (or on a blog 😁). 

The most important part is being honest with yourself and not feeling as if you’re weak because you don’t have everything all together. It’s OK to cry or scream into a pillow (both are very therapeutic). It’s also important to lean on other people. My mom saw through my façade. She knows I hate appearing weak (which is OK) so she sent me a blog post. Just by reading the blog I knew what she wanted me to hear and it helped. 

So, I’m going to make sure today is better than yesterday and tomorrow is better than today. Sometimes I’ll slip, because that’s life. But we have to keep moving forward and keep striving to live each day to the fullest. 

So to whoever is reading this and can relate…I believe in you.