Soccer Star

I grew up playing soccer. Starting in the county rec league as a Muchachita and then transitioning to club as a Shark. When I hit high school I played strictly for my school as a Clipper. Once I graduated from high school I only played the occasional intramural game, but I still love the sport. 

Our base offers smart start sports, a league for 3 & 4 year olds to introduce them to different sports with no stress of games or winning. M started last week and is loving it. We haven’t made it through an entire practice, but that’s ok, it’s all about giving her the experience. 

M constantly keeps her eye on the ball as she dribbles down the field. After telling her to look up and not at the ball she had a head on collision with another kid doing the same thing. Both fell over and cried, I took the opportunity to talk to M and explain what happened. The other parent, was disappointed that neither kid knew what to do, picked her son up and walked him to an open space. No learning took place. 
I am not the perfect mom, but watching my parenting style compared to hers I began to watch other parents with their children. There were some parents sitting on the sidelines watching their children try to figure out the sport, parents who were staring at their child face down in the grass crying (this happened to me twice today), and there were parents actively participating and challenging their children. I was a mixture of the last two. I had A on my shoulders and was doing my best to coach without frustrating M and having her fall out and cry in the grass. 

Parenting is tough and we all do it as we know best. It’s important to constantly be improving and to challenge our children without putting extreme pressure on them. 
Sorry it’s been so long…until next time