The Bag

Every military family knows what it looks like and what it means. It’s an impending time away for the military member in the family for an extended period of time. The bag is large enough to fit our small army with enough pockets and compartments to make my Eagle Scout of a husband smile when he finds a new one. 
Tonight the bag came out for its first time and surely not its last. As Z began examine each pocket he started making a list of what he’ll ship and what he’ll pack. It’s starting to sink in that he’s leaving soon. Z has done a date with all of his girls, including an over night date with me (thanks family!). 

Before he leaves we have a few more fun things planned (zombie paintball, pumpkin carving, trick or treating, and an open house). We also hope to get in a few more nuggles as the girls say and a couple more fire pit nights (a favorite of M and A). 

Now for a quick baby update:

– We’ve chosen a first name and no you won’t know what it is until after she’s born. We still have to decide on a middle name.

– She’s got a strong heartbeat of 142.

– Momma is doing well. I’ve got some back pain, but this is baby #4 in 4yrs. I’m hoping to get some physical therapy to check out my alignment and see if that helps.

– We’ve got a new vehicle that will fit all 6 of us and has room for visitors.

That’s all for now. I’m going to get M to bed (more on our new bedtime routine later). 


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