It’s Hit

We’re X days out from Z taking off to go play in the sand and it’s finally setting in. The emotions, the worry, the stress, the anxiety. All these I expected would happen, I was just hoping not all at once. Being pregnant I’m not always a “stable” person anyway. Add this flood of emotions, the only thing I’m thankful for is that Z is still here to keep the kids happy and in the blind. 

The one thing I think will be hardest for me is I won’t be able to text or call and get near instant response. The longest time we’ve been apart is about 30 days, this will be much longer. He was also always within the US so just had to coordinate a 3hr time change. We’ll now be on opposite schedules and unreliable connection. 

Deployments are tough. We each handle them differently; spouse, parent, child. What will get me through is the amazing support system I am between family, friends, and coworkers. As this part of life comes upon me I must be strong, but most importantly I must ask for help. 
Side Note: If anyone would like to send Z a care package let me know and I’ll get you the necessary information.

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