3 Down

Just as this Momma was getting worn out, 4 reinforcements came in. Z’s parents and two youngest (there are 6 boys in the family total) brothers came in to town for Turkey Day. It was so nice to have the help and to be honest it was nice to have a reason to clean up my house for the first time since Z has left. D fell in love with his Grandma and repeatedly chose her over me. M and A were so happy to get roughhoused by their uncles. It was the first time I saw how much they missed their dad rather than them just telling me. We had a tasty Thanksgiving dinner and played at Chuck E Cheese. 

Daddy Tracker (a way for me to remember what he’s missed so I can fill him in when he gets home):

Busted lips – 3 (Momma, M, and A)

Edit: Make that 4 another one for A

Poop on the walls – 2 

Sick Days – 1

Cute Sayings – Both courtesy of M.

Mom, Mere! I promise, there’s a mess (the first poop on the walls incident)

Mom, where did Papa go? I NEED him!

Baby Tracker:

I’m currently 34wks. I’ve started getting some braxton hicks and swelling, but nothing serious. Heartburn is killer so if tradition holds true this baby will have lots of hair. I’ve only had one Charley Horse (way better than previous pregnancies). This Friday will give me the first indication of how close to her due date little girl will arrive. Still set on her first name, have 4 middle names we’re trying to choose from.

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