Just Another Day

I’m officially in Maryland where I’ll deliver baby #4. We’ve been here a total of 4 days and have had quite the excitement. The drive was a whole other level of excitement. 

On Tuesday I received a call from daycare that my oh so graceful son had tripped and his eye meet the corner of a book shelf. Black eye #1 for my kids.

I picked my parents up from the airport, we picked the kids up from daycare, and we drove. I had preloaded the suburban and there was still pretty good visibility out all windows. We made it to Fort Smith, Arkansas that night. They didn’t have pack n plays or cribs and I learned that Dax must have one of those in order for him to sleep 😵 Day two we made it to Sevierville, Tennessee with every intention of seeing a massive light show, but all kids were asleep and refused to wake up when we got there. Day three we made it to my parents home in Maryland. We were greeted with homemade spaghetti and meatballs and all local family; the kids were so excited to be out of the car. 

Best line of the trip: “Mom! I smell poop!” Said by M, upon smelling a fart from someone in the vehicle. The culprit’s window rolled down instantly.

Friday we enjoyed a day at the house and just let the kids play. A, who is deathly afraid of animals, began to get used to my parents yellow lab Libby and started initiating the interaction. As I was finishing my homemade bread making lesson, given by my grandmother, a call came in saying the local yacht club was on fire. My grandmother and I went to the community hall and began making sandwiches for the 7 different fire departments that were fighting the flames. When we arrived with 100+ sandwiches, water, and coffee the destruction was astounding. 

The yacht club is where I worked from age 14-17 every weekend and most Wednesdays. It’s where I had dinner prior to prom and where my parents had their rehearsal dinner. With the fire pit and everyone fed we returned home to eat dinner ourselves. About midnight the fire reignited and finished off the building. What we saw the next morning was heart breaking. The club will be rebuilt. If you have any connection to a yacht club, please let me know. The thing lost that will be difficult to replace is all the pennants. I would love to collect as many as I can and give them to the Wicomico Yacht Club upon their reopening.

Saturday brought the Romspert family Christmas party. This is a yearly tradition and one I have been unable to be a part of for about 5yrs. My Great Aunt Barb is so giving and no one leaves without a gift. There are 4 generations now in attendance at this family gathering. I also attempted a picture of the kids, I’ll leave it up to you to decide how it ended up.

Sunday we met my grandparents’ new puppy, Ben. He’s an 8wk old standard poodle. Because A had been around Libby so much she went right to him and had no fear. She and M also enjoyed chasing their chickens. 

Today has been by far the most exciting day. We went grocery shopping, mailed some packages, and had a visit from the Allen Volunteer Ambulance. For some reason my car will lock itself with the keys inside. It has done it before, but M was inside and able to unlock it. Today, no such luck, just a sleeping D. After my dad and I’s failed attempt to get it open it he ran up the road to the fire department and brought the ambulance back with him. After about 15min of messing with the door they were successful and D was awoken by the alarm going off. If anyone has any thoughts on how to avoid this, except for the obvious keep the keys with me once turning the vehicle off, please share.

I think that’s about it for now. We still have no middle name for baby girl, but we’re getting closer to her due date. Feel free to comment with your guess on her arrival date. I’ll come up with some fun prize for whoever is right (She’s due Jan 6th).

Z is still doing great. He’s flying a ton and was part of a pretty important mission that made national news. He met up with a buddy from college and has done some sightseeing. We’re about 25% through with this adventure. 

Until the next time. 


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