To 2016

This past year has been crazy. As we prepare to close it out and welcome 2017, a look back is in order.

Z: Went on 5 short trips and 1 deployment and was gone just about 5/12 months of the year. He continued to work on his Master’s and is over halfway complete.

S: I received a new position went on 1 short trip, ended the bad habit of biting my nails, and learned in May I was pregnant with baby #4.

M: She graduated from speech therapy, learned how to ride a bike without training wheels within an hour, and was bucked off a horse for the first time.

A: Got tubes in her ears, her umbilical hernia repaired, and overcame her fear of dogs.

D: Has 6 teeth, eats everything in site, and learned how to walk. 

Baby #4: Is still waiting to make her debut. If she hangs out for the next 17hrs this will be the first year since 2013 we will not welcome a new baby into our family. 
As you go throughout your day remember the positives and refuse to dwell on the negatives. Life is short and not always what we plan, but in the end it all works out.
Happy New Year from our family to yours.


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