Shut Up and Color

As my dad and I were sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a moment of silence (the kids were all happily playing) he said I don’t know how you do it.

Jokingly, I said I just shut up and color. He laughed and asked is today a color in or outside the lines day. 

It was at that moment I realized how true my statement was.

There are days I color inside the lines complete with shading and true technique. Then there are those days that I sit and stare at the paper, unable to put my canyon to paper, but knowing I must.

No matter the day I finish with a completed picture. My coloring for the day may look as if I’ve done nothing because I’ve simply colored with a white crayon. It could also look like a Picasso (not really but it makes me feel good about myself). The important thing is I colored. I kept going and met my goal for the day.

No matter what your goal is, color. It may look like a 2 year old did it, but you met your goal. 

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