Back in the Bury

Before I begin, I’ve realized I ave way too many kids and the letter thing won’t work…so I’m going to introduce the Crazies to you if you’re not familiar with us.

Sam – That’s me, your author and mom.

Zed – That’s dad and my awesome husband (currently on an adventure with the military)

Mia – Our new 4 year old who is super in tune with emotions of others.

Ana – Our 2 year old who is spunky and super caring.

Dax – Our lone boy, who’s 1 and weighs nearly 30lbs (hopefully he likes sports).

Zoe – Our newest addition who is seven weeks and loves to smile.
As most know, I spent the last 2 months back under my parent’s roof in my hometown. Though totally doable, I didn’t want to be home in Oklahoma with no husband, 3 under 4 and pregnant with #4. So I packed up my home and drove to Maryland with the help of my parents. 

My Granny made meals just about nightly for me and my crazies and was always ther to assist if I needed a sitter or help picking the girls up from school. She also is the reason I no longer bite my nails (Don’t tell Zed…it’s his homecoming surprise. Most wives lose weight while their husbands are away…I broke a habit). 

While I was home I go to catch up with old friends, start planning my 10yr high school reunion, and get as much sleep in as possible. I was also able to pick up some pretty awesome mom hacks thanks to my mom.

G Hacks:

– A wash cloth over the eyes keeps out soap

– A dropped pacifier can be sanitized by Mom’s mouth

– Use bath time as a way to corral all the kids in one place and allow you to get off your feet for a second 

– You can get kids to do just about anything if you disguise it as a game

– Always wash dish towels and Tupperware prior to using it at a house with small children

– Yoga is really fun with kids, and a way to start the bedtime routine
I also learned some hacks from my dad.

Pappy Hacks

– You can stop biting your nails for good by just deciding to do it

– Getting to your destination fast will never be more enjoyable than getting off the road by 5 and in a comfy hotel bed

– Patience will always calm a screaming newborn
My time there was really enjoyable and I am so thankful for the help from everyone. Now I have the task of getting my home ready for all 6 of us to be living in it (Ana and Dax are currently at the ranch with Papa and Grandma). My list grows the more I sit here, I’ll try to post if I accomplish anything noteworthy.


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