It’s been a while since my house has been this clean. The kitchen, the dining area, the living room, the guest room, the kids room, the kids bathroom, and the half bath. Don’t ask about the master bedroom…Today hasn’t been that successful. Zoe kept me home (really bad allergies and teething resulting in a fever and goopy eyes) and I wanted to make the most of it. We are also going on vacation soon and I wanted to make sure there were no apples lurking under a bed.

Well, after about 5 hours, it’s finished…most of the house. I found a bowl of cereal (thank goodness the kids don’t like it with milk), 10 pacifiers, and the stuffing of a 3 foot bunny. The trash can found about a bag of new friends! Needless to say, I am quite proud of my efforts for today.

One problem…the one person who will appreciate and acknowledge my efforts doesn’t get home until 1am tomorrow. So what did I, a perfectly sane person do? I took pictures of the house and sent them to him as proof. We all know that within an hour of the older 3 getting home there will be no proof of my efforts.

My goal now is to get the kids better about cleaning up their mess so when I get a “free” day off, I can focus on the mess that I have made in what most call a master bedroom, but I call my junk room.

Signing off  with a goal to post once per week from here on out. We all know I have plenty to write about in regards to the Davies Crazies!