The Christmas Tree

The other night, I was up late. We deliver homemade baked goods to our friends who live near us each Christmas. We grabbed some McDonalds for the kids while we drove. Zoe got a French fry stuck and threw up all over her car seat. I needed to get it all washed and dried before morning, because we would need her seat to get to school/work on time.

The kids and Zed were all asleep. The wash was going. All the lights, but those on the Christmas tree were off. The silence, the peace, the wonder of what am I forgetting. Looking at the tree I realized the since we’ve put it up the kids have played a little nicer, we’ve been better about family prayer each night, and we’ve all been a little more relaxed.

A Christmas tree reminds us of the season, which is about family and love and not about the gifts that will be under it in a few days. It draws the kids in, creates questions about where the different ornaments are from. The ornaments that are all out of arms reach. It gives us an opportunity to talk about Christ and focus on the real reason for the season.

Next time I post, it’ll probably be with pictures of the chaos that will be Christmas morning with 4 under 5. Merry Christmas to all. I hope you all get what you asked for, I know I have already been blessed this year.


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