Garbage Disposal

Do you ever have that conversation with you spouse or best friend, “When I build my forever home it’ll have…” Well I told Zed, when we build our forever home it’s going to have a garbage disposal in our laundry room sink. He laughed, knowing why I was saying this, and said that’s a great idea, but you won’t need that function by the time we build a house.

I was cleaning up throw up (my least favorite Mom job) for the fourth time this week. Each time I would take the stopper out of the tub rinse the chunks off and then hurry the dripping clothes/towels/blankets to the washing machine. Why didn’t I just do this in my kitchen sink you’re probably wondering…because dishes are a close second to cleaning up throw up. Thankfully Zed doesn’t mind it too much, but we’ve had a lazy week (remember 4th time cleaning up throw up). So the sink was full of dishes and I wanted that smell gone as soon as possible.

So a garbage disposal in the laundry room sink is being added to our list that includes radiant heat, three car extended length garage, and stairs/ladder up to the empty space of the home. Maybe when/if this custom built home comes we’ll have grandkids who will get sick while staying at our home…yay 🤢


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