Christmas Chaos

Now that I’ve recovered some, time to fill you all in on our first Christmas at our own home.

Dec 23rd

We ventured down to Chickasha, OK to see their lights. After waiting in line for about 45min, it was our turn to drive through. Our initial plan was to ride a carriage through, but with temps in the 20s we decided to stay out in the car. Lights were followed by a drive in movie. Ferdinand was amazing! It made us and the kids laugh, which is definitely a feat. The double feature was Jumanji which was a pretty good sequel. The Rock, as always, was great. The drive home was quiet with all 4 kiddos passed out. Once the stockings were hung and visions of sugar plums were dancing in the kids heads from their own beds, assembly of an Elsa bike, a piano, and train tracks was accomplished. We’d be enjoying Christmas a day early.

Dec 24th

We woke the kids up, dressed them in their matching Christmas jammies, and began the unwrapping. All presents were opened and played within 90 minutes. Everyone dressed for church and we enjoyed a lovely Christmas Eve service from a side room. It was better for everyone that we could hear them, but they couldn’t hear us. After church we headed to Tractor Supply where there was a 40% toy sale. Dax is now the proud owner of a 4ft grain truck complete with lights and sounds. The rest of the afternoon we lounged, talked to family, and listened to Mia’s amazing piano skills.

Dec 25th

We all slept in and then packed our bags. Off to Branson we go. About 30 minutes into the drive, we need gas, and realize neither of us has a wallet. Back home we go, retrieve the wallets, and make it to a gas station with 5 miles until empty. We continue on, with a new destination of Sullivan, MO. Zed’s youngest brother is serving his mission there and we forgot to mail his Christmas gift. We FaceTime the Davies family on the drive and Scott (brother on the mission) is able to dial in as well. We enjoyed a great Chinese dinner (the only restaurant open on Christmas) with Scott and his companion and head for Branson, MO. The Davies don’t do well sitting still.

Dec 26th

We enjoyed the indoor pool and slide at the Welk Resort of Branson. It’s no Great Wolf Lodge, but with just two adults and 4 swimming kids it was much easier to manage. Exploring Branson was next on our list, definitely a place I recommend visiting, but maybe not when it’s 19 degrees and having 4 under 5. Hopefully Zed and I will have a chance to go back before PCSing. We enjoyed some time walking around Bass Pro. Zed collects smashed pennies and wouldn’t you know it every Bass Pro and Cabelas have a unique smashed penny machine. We were also able to cross a gift for someone off our list already…now to not lose it the next 364 days. With kids having burned quite a bit of energy we began the drive home. I would be the first to fall asleep, I don’t do so well with back roads. An hour and a half later I wake up to us driving through picturesque Eureka Springs and all kids still awake. By the time we explored the town, another added to our pre-PCS bucket list, all kids were asleep. We saw Broken Arrow’s lightshow and went to Christmas at the Castle in Muskogee, making it a total of 5 lights how’s this year.

Dec 27th

I was back to work, kids back to school, and Zed spent his time off getting things checked off his to do list.

We hope you all had an amazing Christmas!


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