S 1 E 4: Reunion + Sealing + Birthday = Lots of Fun

Next stop: Boise Idaho.

Jeff (brother #5) and Brenna were married last June. This June they were sealed for time and all eternity in the LDS Temple. This was the real cause for celebration and reason behind a full Oxford Suites. Zed’s maternal side of the family was in attendance as were his paternal grandparents. All brothers were also there (Zed, Wes, Dallen, Erik, and Jeff) except Scott who is currently serving his mission. Mylee, Scott’s girl friend, Mylee’s friend, and Olivia, a family friend watched the kids so we could all go to the temple together.

After the temple session we headed back to the hotel and ate an amazing buffet provided by the hotel. This was followed by a cannonball contest in the pool, I believe Wes won. The brothers, their cousins, and their aunts and uncles headed out and raced go carts. The story I was told is Wes came in first for race #1 and Zed was 1st for race #2. The kids and sisters (aka wives of the brothers) stayed back and got some last minute bonding time and packed the bags (and went to sleep early).

As is normal Davies Family fashion the drive to Boise from the ranch to going to bed all took place within 15 hours, not two days at it may seem.


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