Fill Your Life With Wonder

A few weeks ago we saw signs that the circus was coming to town. Zed and the kids have never seen a real circus so we immediately put it on our list of weekend activities. We showed up a couple minutes late, but were met by a very nice ticket taker who spoke no English. We figured out that it would cost €120 for the “good”seats and €80 for the cheap seats. If you could have been there to see the looks of this circus you would have be hesitant to pay €20 for entrance. The ticket taker rushed us in before we could make a decision and communicated to pay us after. She then disappeared, only to reappear in the circus itself as a trapeze artist. It was then that I began to seriously reconsider staying if the ticket taker was also part of the act. The kids insisted we stay so we chose seats.

The difference between the cheap seats and good seats was about 10 feet. The good seats were folding chairs and we elected to sit in the bleachers. Within 2 minutes I learned a very important lessons.

All four kids, and Zed, were transfixed by what they were watching. It was nothing equal to the Greatest Showman or Ringling Brothers. It was a family of 6 putting on a show. There were hula hoops (Zoe’s favorite), camels, horses, fire breathing, balancing acts, a clown, and Elsa showed up (a 7 year old girl dressed up and singing Let it Go in German). The entire time I watched as the kids’ eyes filled with wonder. A few minutes in, it didn’t matter that we couldn’t understand the words they were speaking, we still understood the intent.

At intermission Zed went out to pay for our tickets, to the clown this time. When he came back we made the decision that we will never limit our kids from an opportunity to be filled with wonder because of money. We are blessed to both have well-paying jobs and what is money if you don’t spend it on experiences that you can take with you rather than items you can’t.

Go out and do something that fills you with wonder today. That could be a walk through the woods, taking a drive down a back road, or trying a new food. It doesn’t have to be flashy, but it does need to make you feel something in your soul.

Happy Friday.


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