I’m Back

I feel like I do this quite frequently. I get on a good roll and then fall off the face of the blog universe. What brings me back this time? Christmas cards. I just finished addressing all 129 of them and they each have the blog address on them for people to follow. I figured I should probably catch up on the blog for anyone who may check it out.

Christmas is in full swing here in Europe. Not too many decorate the outside of their homes with lights, but every town has a Christmas market. At these markets mulled wine and bratwursts are served. Various vendors are set up selling homemade baked goods, cheese, candies, and decorations. If you’re ever visiting in December, be sure to attend at least one. I have only been to one, Monschau, but it was amazing. The town is what you would image Europe to look like at Christmas time. They bring in a giant tree and set in up in the centrum for the season. Zed has been to a couple more and said Monschau’s was the best.

We’ll be sticking around for Christmas this year. We will be hosting a Christmas Eve party, a tradition I learned from my parents, for friends from work and church. We’ll enjoy Christmas morning and FaceTime the grandparents as they are falling asleep (Oregon) and waking up (Maryland) throughout the day. I have to work on and off throughout Christmas and New Years’ week, but it’ll be pretty relaxed.

I plan to do a couple more posts to fill everyone in on life in Europe and to get in a better routine.


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