Hello…It’s Me…

To say it’s been awhile is an understatement. In August I said I was back, but obviously that was false. To say life also got in the way is false. Life didn’t get in the way of me blogging, I was enjoying life so I didn’t have time to blog. It’s probably easier to do a list of what we have done since April and then just hope pictures follow eventually 😁

April – Girls Trip to Milan

May – I became a 2nd grade teacher’s assistant 3 times per month, Zed experienced Norway for the first time

June – Hosted the Sick Puppies Rick band, We took our first military air hop back to the States

July – Wedding in Maryland, Zed’s brother came home from his mission

August – Mia started 1st grade, Anaston started Kindergarten, hosted a baby shower for one of my best friends

September – Zed and I emceed the Air Force birthday ball, Mia and Ana did cheer camp, Oktoberfest

October – Zed was deployed the whole month, Elaine visited, we assisted in the arrival of a new family here to GK, we hosted a see you later party for some good friends before they went back to the states, Halloween

November – Girls Trip to London, began my final year in my 20s, hosted four comedians (Slade Ham, Paul Oddo, Sam Demaris, Julie Scoggins), hosted the Harlem Globetrotters, celebrated Belgian Kings Day, hosted Thanksgiving for 50 people, enjoyed another Thanksgiving with 500 people, enjoyed a third Thanksgiving with 200 people, watched AF play Army here at GK, went to three Christmas markets

December – finally posted on the blog again, today we plan to hit the Playmobile fun park and possibly another Christmas market

Until next, which I will do my best to not be so long