For the First Time in Forever

So Happy New Year…I still have not been better about posting. I apologize.

Most of you will be getting New Years card from us in the coming weeks, i finally got them ordered and mailed out. If you don’t please be sure we get your address. Goal for this year is to get everyone Christmas cads prior to Christmas…

Zed also dragged my butt to the doctor and forced me to talk about the back pain I’ve been having. The doc checked me out, thankfully nothing serious, but he did dry needling and I start physical therapy next week. Something I realized after the appointment was that I didn’t realize how much pain I was in until it was relieved.

I think this is typical for everyone whether it’s back pain, stress, or any other struggle you’re facing. We don’t realize how much things bog us down until they’ve been removed. As this new year begins (yes I’m a few weeks late) for the first time in forever I’m going to be taking stock of the things in my life that bog me down and work to remove them or improve them.

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