Day 70 COVID-19 Ops

Yah, yah, yah…I know.

Here’s to being better.

Our family has been in COVID-19 operations for 70 days now. 70 days ago I received phone call from Dax and Zoe’s daycare saying they were closed effective immediately and until further notice. Since then Mia and Ana’s school went digital for the rest of the year, work is now at minimum manning, we’re rationed on cleaning items/milk/eggs/and soon to be meat, masks are required in a lot of locations (but dependent on what country Germany yes Netherlands no), and emotions are definitely stressed.

Through this whole things Zed and I have been doing high five ops. I work a day or two and then he works a day or two. A lot of it is dependent on his flying schedule and I schedule my meetings around that. While we’re home we’re following the lesson plans we receive from the girls’ teachers and do our best to encourage learning. It’s not always easy.

Wednesday our cleaning lady comes, one of the reason I’ve been able to stay sane and one of the secrets to our family’s success. I made fudge and ordered cookies for the girls’ teachers and while the cleaning lady was at the house we delivered the goodies.

Our initial plan was to leave the goodies and then ding dong ditch. That plan quickly went away when we pulled up to each teacher’s home. Mia and Ana were literally jumping they were so excited to just catch a glimpse of their teacher. Seeing them restrain their excitement and love was hard to watch. They knew they couldn’t give hugs but seeing the desire to give one made me sad. This virus has changed our lives so much. Seeing a 5 year old understand the concept of social distancing but desire the physical contact is sad.

If you’ve ever met Mia you know how she loves hugs. She did so well for about 2min and her love for hugs took over. She melted into her teacher and a calm came over her. I loved being able to see the love between a student and a teacher, but became sad that this will probably be the final time Mia sees her teacher before school is *hopefully* back in live session in August.

So reach out to the teachers this week and thank them. They are missing their students and this digital learning is just as hard on them as it is on the parents attempting to execute it.