Day 100

We hit it, triple digits, and all Davies are currently still alive and healthy.

Restrictions are slowly starting to lift here, but with so many nations so close to each other it’s been interesting how each is dealing with reopening. Masks are nonexistent in the Netherlands where they are a mainstay in Germany. Some nations still have their borders closed, but June 15th is the magical date that many EU nations will be available again. While Europe begins to open to those who live here, the Air Force is still keeping restrictions tight.

We have a radius we have to stay in on the weekends and for all those who were set to move this summer it has been indefinitely delayed. We’re grateful our leadership does allow us to travel locally (within a few hours).

There is still no sign that the daycare here is opening and we’re being told to prepare to continue digital learning in the fall. We did successfully complete Mia and Ana’s school year digitally, but it was filled with frustration and tears all around. I cannot imagine digital teaching/learning with 3 kids (Dax starts preschool in August).

We hope you all are staying healthy and safe. Until next time.