Just Another Day

I’m officially in Maryland where I’ll deliver baby #4. We’ve been here a total of 4 days and have had quite the excitement. The drive was a whole other level of excitement. 

On Tuesday I received a call from daycare that my oh so graceful son had tripped and his eye meet the corner of a book shelf. Black eye #1 for my kids.

I picked my parents up from the airport, we picked the kids up from daycare, and we drove. I had preloaded the suburban and there was still pretty good visibility out all windows. We made it to Fort Smith, Arkansas that night. They didn’t have pack n plays or cribs and I learned that Dax must have one of those in order for him to sleep 😵 Day two we made it to Sevierville, Tennessee with every intention of seeing a massive light show, but all kids were asleep and refused to wake up when we got there. Day three we made it to my parents home in Maryland. We were greeted with homemade spaghetti and meatballs and all local family; the kids were so excited to be out of the car. 

Best line of the trip: “Mom! I smell poop!” Said by M, upon smelling a fart from someone in the vehicle. The culprit’s window rolled down instantly.

Friday we enjoyed a day at the house and just let the kids play. A, who is deathly afraid of animals, began to get used to my parents yellow lab Libby and started initiating the interaction. As I was finishing my homemade bread making lesson, given by my grandmother, a call came in saying the local yacht club was on fire. My grandmother and I went to the community hall and began making sandwiches for the 7 different fire departments that were fighting the flames. When we arrived with 100+ sandwiches, water, and coffee the destruction was astounding. 

The yacht club is where I worked from age 14-17 every weekend and most Wednesdays. It’s where I had dinner prior to prom and where my parents had their rehearsal dinner. With the fire pit and everyone fed we returned home to eat dinner ourselves. About midnight the fire reignited and finished off the building. What we saw the next morning was heart breaking. The club will be rebuilt. If you have any connection to a yacht club, please let me know. The thing lost that will be difficult to replace is all the pennants. I would love to collect as many as I can and give them to the Wicomico Yacht Club upon their reopening.

Saturday brought the Romspert family Christmas party. This is a yearly tradition and one I have been unable to be a part of for about 5yrs. My Great Aunt Barb is so giving and no one leaves without a gift. There are 4 generations now in attendance at this family gathering. I also attempted a picture of the kids, I’ll leave it up to you to decide how it ended up.

Sunday we met my grandparents’ new puppy, Ben. He’s an 8wk old standard poodle. Because A had been around Libby so much she went right to him and had no fear. She and M also enjoyed chasing their chickens. 

Today has been by far the most exciting day. We went grocery shopping, mailed some packages, and had a visit from the Allen Volunteer Ambulance. For some reason my car will lock itself with the keys inside. It has done it before, but M was inside and able to unlock it. Today, no such luck, just a sleeping D. After my dad and I’s failed attempt to get it open it he ran up the road to the fire department and brought the ambulance back with him. After about 15min of messing with the door they were successful and D was awoken by the alarm going off. If anyone has any thoughts on how to avoid this, except for the obvious keep the keys with me once turning the vehicle off, please share.

I think that’s about it for now. We still have no middle name for baby girl, but we’re getting closer to her due date. Feel free to comment with your guess on her arrival date. I’ll come up with some fun prize for whoever is right (She’s due Jan 6th).

Z is still doing great. He’s flying a ton and was part of a pretty important mission that made national news. He met up with a buddy from college and has done some sightseeing. We’re about 25% through with this adventure. 

Until the next time. 


3 Down

Just as this Momma was getting worn out, 4 reinforcements came in. Z’s parents and two youngest (there are 6 boys in the family total) brothers came in to town for Turkey Day. It was so nice to have the help and to be honest it was nice to have a reason to clean up my house for the first time since Z has left. D fell in love with his Grandma and repeatedly chose her over me. M and A were so happy to get roughhoused by their uncles. It was the first time I saw how much they missed their dad rather than them just telling me. We had a tasty Thanksgiving dinner and played at Chuck E Cheese. 

Daddy Tracker (a way for me to remember what he’s missed so I can fill him in when he gets home):

Busted lips – 3 (Momma, M, and A)

Edit: Make that 4 another one for A

Poop on the walls – 2 

Sick Days – 1

Cute Sayings – Both courtesy of M.

Mom, Mere! I promise, there’s a mess (the first poop on the walls incident)

Mom, where did Papa go? I NEED him!

Baby Tracker:

I’m currently 34wks. I’ve started getting some braxton hicks and swelling, but nothing serious. Heartburn is killer so if tradition holds true this baby will have lots of hair. I’ve only had one Charley Horse (way better than previous pregnancies). This Friday will give me the first indication of how close to her due date little girl will arrive. Still set on her first name, have 4 middle names we’re trying to choose from.

I Am the Storm

I saw this on a friend’s Facebook feed today and I was immediately inspired. I’m actually sitting at work writing this post because it spoke to me so much.

Today, for about the 100th time, I was asked by a senior leader “How do you all do it?” What he was referencing was me being active duty, Z being active duty and currently deployed, having 3 young kids, and being pregnant with our 4th. I laughed it off and he pushed, he wanted an answer, as did the 3 other senior leaders I was standing with. I told them we just do it (thank you Nike). It’s what we’ve always known and we don’t have a choice. We have to be great at our jobs both as parents, a couple, and officers in the military. That didn’t seem to pacify them. Here were three men, each having a minimum of 15 years in the military, wanting to know the secret recipe to having a successful family and career. 

So here’s the secret recipe that I gave and it can be applied to everything in life. 

1. We know that God has a plan and as long as we do our best it will come to pass. He also doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle.

2. We love deeply. We love ourselves, each other, our kids, our lives. Important note: Love and like are not the same thing 😁

3. We accept everything we are given graciously even if it’s not what we had in mind. This is not always easy and at times, well most times, it takes a while to get the graciously part.

4. We will never sacrifice our family. “BUT Z is missing the birth of your child” they said. True, but Z has to deploy at sometime, he’s going to miss stuff. He also has to deploy to upgrade and to move bases. If he turned down this deployment that timeline would have been delayed and there is a high chance we would be stationed apart in the future because he couldn’t move with us. A small sacrifice to avoid a larger one. We also have done a lot to still incorporate Z intot he family even though he’s not physically with us.

5. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy and we don’t dwell on the hard. Are we in a constant state of survival mode? Some days yes. But what you see as survival mode is our normal. 

So when I saw this quote I thought, I am the storm. I dictate how my family will live. I can control what I can and everything else doesn’t matter. So be storm in life. That doesn’t mean be destructive without regard for others. Take control of your life and live.


Veteran’s Day

This is the first Veteran’s Day that isn’t about getting as many free deals as possible. This one is about being thankful for the sacrifice of my husband and those like my husband. They give up precious family time to defend our country and all those who reside within its boundaries. 

So…how’s it been as a 31wk pregnant mom of 3 kids 3 and under and a husband who is going for some months? 

It’s been ok. Z’s mom was awesome and flew out to help with the kids so we could have some last minute couple time. It also allowed me to drive Z to the airport and not take church friends away from their families. M was adorable, she’s super smart (not just saying that because I’m her mom). She knew Z was leaving and gave him a huge hug and kiss. She is a great oldest child and big sis. 

A and D have no idea what’s going on. A will notice in about a week that Daddy is gone (pray for me once that happens). 

So what’s changed? I now keep my phone volume turned up at night or really any time I’m not at work. My home is also not as picked up as usual. 

Here’s to a successful week 2.

It’s Hit

We’re X days out from Z taking off to go play in the sand and it’s finally setting in. The emotions, the worry, the stress, the anxiety. All these I expected would happen, I was just hoping not all at once. Being pregnant I’m not always a “stable” person anyway. Add this flood of emotions, the only thing I’m thankful for is that Z is still here to keep the kids happy and in the blind. 

The one thing I think will be hardest for me is I won’t be able to text or call and get near instant response. The longest time we’ve been apart is about 30 days, this will be much longer. He was also always within the US so just had to coordinate a 3hr time change. We’ll now be on opposite schedules and unreliable connection. 

Deployments are tough. We each handle them differently; spouse, parent, child. What will get me through is the amazing support system I am between family, friends, and coworkers. As this part of life comes upon me I must be strong, but most importantly I must ask for help. 
Side Note: If anyone would like to send Z a care package let me know and I’ll get you the necessary information.

The Bag

Every military family knows what it looks like and what it means. It’s an impending time away for the military member in the family for an extended period of time. The bag is large enough to fit our small army with enough pockets and compartments to make my Eagle Scout of a husband smile when he finds a new one. 
Tonight the bag came out for its first time and surely not its last. As Z began examine each pocket he started making a list of what he’ll ship and what he’ll pack. It’s starting to sink in that he’s leaving soon. Z has done a date with all of his girls, including an over night date with me (thanks family!). 

Before he leaves we have a few more fun things planned (zombie paintball, pumpkin carving, trick or treating, and an open house). We also hope to get in a few more nuggles as the girls say and a couple more fire pit nights (a favorite of M and A). 

Now for a quick baby update:

– We’ve chosen a first name and no you won’t know what it is until after she’s born. We still have to decide on a middle name.

– She’s got a strong heartbeat of 142.

– Momma is doing well. I’ve got some back pain, but this is baby #4 in 4yrs. I’m hoping to get some physical therapy to check out my alignment and see if that helps.

– We’ve got a new vehicle that will fit all 6 of us and has room for visitors.

That’s all for now. I’m going to get M to bed (more on our new bedtime routine later). 


Soccer Star

I grew up playing soccer. Starting in the county rec league as a Muchachita and then transitioning to club as a Shark. When I hit high school I played strictly for my school as a Clipper. Once I graduated from high school I only played the occasional intramural game, but I still love the sport. 

Our base offers smart start sports, a league for 3 & 4 year olds to introduce them to different sports with no stress of games or winning. M started last week and is loving it. We haven’t made it through an entire practice, but that’s ok, it’s all about giving her the experience. 

M constantly keeps her eye on the ball as she dribbles down the field. After telling her to look up and not at the ball she had a head on collision with another kid doing the same thing. Both fell over and cried, I took the opportunity to talk to M and explain what happened. The other parent, was disappointed that neither kid knew what to do, picked her son up and walked him to an open space. No learning took place. 
I am not the perfect mom, but watching my parenting style compared to hers I began to watch other parents with their children. There were some parents sitting on the sidelines watching their children try to figure out the sport, parents who were staring at their child face down in the grass crying (this happened to me twice today), and there were parents actively participating and challenging their children. I was a mixture of the last two. I had A on my shoulders and was doing my best to coach without frustrating M and having her fall out and cry in the grass. 

Parenting is tough and we all do it as we know best. It’s important to constantly be improving and to challenge our children without putting extreme pressure on them. 
Sorry it’s been so long…until next time


I Believe in You

These four words are sometimes the hardest ones to hear, but we all need to hear them and internalize them.

I’m going to get deep with you. Pretty sure just family and close friends read this, but if someone I don’t know runs across this I hope it helps you too. I also want to let everyone know I love myself and my family, but sometimes life is tough. 

As most know I have 3 awesome kiddos and 1 on the way. My husband and I are both active duty military, super active on base outside of our jobs, and very active in church. We’re busy is the simple way to put it.

Being this busy doesn’t leave much Sam time. Z does a great job in helping out around the house, but he has the more demanding schedule. (We just planned out meals for this week and he will be home for 3/5 dinners) This means the chores fall on me on those 2/5 upcoming nights, so on those 2 nights there is no Sam time. The other 3, my Sam time is consumed with taking a shower and hopefully getting a 30 extra minutes of sleep. This is our life and we knew it would be when we talked about marrying another active duty member and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

Having little, well really no, me time takes its toll. We all need a little bit every day to recharge. Eventually when we go without me time for long enough we start running on fumes, breaking down, and eventually don’t run at all. I’m at the running on fumes part.

So how do you, how do I pull myself out? Remember what makes you happy. You can’t? Then redefine what makes you happy. Try out a new fitness class, read that book a friend gave you and you’ve never touched, get your thoughts out on paper (or on a blog 😁). 

The most important part is being honest with yourself and not feeling as if you’re weak because you don’t have everything all together. It’s OK to cry or scream into a pillow (both are very therapeutic). It’s also important to lean on other people. My mom saw through my façade. She knows I hate appearing weak (which is OK) so she sent me a blog post. Just by reading the blog I knew what she wanted me to hear and it helped. 

So, I’m going to make sure today is better than yesterday and tomorrow is better than today. Sometimes I’ll slip, because that’s life. But we have to keep moving forward and keep striving to live each day to the fullest. 

So to whoever is reading this and can relate…I believe in you.


Little Girls = Piggy Tails

Recently M has asked for princess hair each night after her bath. Needless to say, this momma had to learn how to do hair and quick. My only teaching is having my hair French braided by my Granny growing up and pictures on Pinterest. I also watched one YouTube to learn how to fish tail. After a week of nightly hairdos I’ve ventured out on my own and come up with styles that will last through the night and school the next day. The below pictures aren’t great, but I’m proud of myself and for M sitting still for up to 45min. It’s nice to have just her and me time. It’s also great to see her jump up and run to wherever Z is and show off her pretty hair.





Wise Words


Never doubt who you are or what you stand for. Believe in yourself and make each day count.

This has no hidden meaning and nothing happened for me to write this post. I just had a feeling someone out there needed to hear this.